DDOTI is a wide-field robotic imager with an instantaneous field of view of about 69 square degrees covered by 216 megapixels. DDOTI is installed at the Observatorio Astronómico Nacional in Mexico. DDOTI stands for “Deca-Degree Optical Transient Imager”.

The key science goals of DDOTI are the localization of the optical transients associated with relativistic stellar transients — gamma-ray bursts detected by the GBM instrument on the Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope and gravitational-wave events detected by LIGO and Virgo. These transients typically have positional uncertainties of order 100 square degrees, and so their localization requires a wide-field imager like DDOTI.

DDOTI is also available to the Mexican astronomical community for other observations.

For more details, see Watson et al. 2016, Proc. SPIE, 9910, 99100G: “DDOTI: the deca-degree optical transient imager” (ADS|SPIE| Local).

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